Let's stop been hypocrites and call the things by its name….

The last few years I’m noticing that African Americans are making eveeeerything and I mean EVERYTHING a matter of discrimination and prejudice.  If there is not an African American on SNL, problem; if there is not a black in The Bachelor, problem;  if an actress paints her face black for a Halloween event, problem.  Blacks complain and complain on always being discriminated when they are the ones making every single issue in their lives a discriminatory issue.  I want to make clear that I’m not white, I’m not part (neither endorse) any kind of supremacist group,  the truth is the truth. Blacks are ALWAYS carrying a chip on the shoulder and God forbid if someone dares to say it like it is.  No doubt that african american, blacks or whatever name they wanted to be call now, is a HISTORY of sadness. abuse and pain… that is exactly what it is HISTORY, something that is their past, a past that they continue bringing to their present even on the most trivial passages in life.  There are thousands of blacks that are honorable, successful  as there are thousands that are not precisely the best of their race, same thing happens with caucasians and asians. I can’t imagine the uproar that will cause if whites named of the TV Channels  WET (white Entertainment Television) nevertheless there is one for blacks, so please my fellow creatures of this World, rejoice on having a normal life, the world doesn’t need to be punished nor taken hostage due to the brutal mistakes done by monsters in the PAST !  Not everything  and everybody is against blacks,  TO LIVE AND LET LIVE…


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